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Be Aware

It’s important to be aware of a few things while you are out enjoying the beautiful Black Hills. One thing a lot of people don’t realize when they are in the Black Hills is that the elevation can reach 6,000 feet or more, depending on where you venture. It’s important to stay hydrated, and if you are hiking or biking remember to move at a comfortable pace.

The Black Hills and surrounding areas are home to thousands of plant and insect species, so if you have allergies to such things stay aware of your surroundings.

Leave No Trace

The beauty and deep cultural history are what draw people to the Black Hills so please remember to leave no trace wherever you go. This means, basically, leave nothing behind. All of the trail-heads and picnic areas in the Black Hills have garbage cans, please use them! If you are enjoying an area of the hills that is off the beaten path and there are no trash receptacles, bring any trash back to your vehicle.

This also applies to the landscape itself – please do not alter anything (for example, don’t break the branches of a bush to create a pathway).

Take Only Pictures

There are many areas in South Dakota where it is forbidden to remove anything, like rocks or vegetation, or items from a historical site, etc. There are also some items that are forbidden – for example, it is illegal for a person who is not Native American to posses an Eagle feather. There are many beautiful things to see in South Dakota, but it is best to take only pictures.

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