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Soak in your surroundings with Black Hills Adventure Tours

For those looking for a more laid-back way to enjoy the Black Hills, Black Hills Adventure Tours sightseeing tours might be your perfect fit.

Our sightseeing tours are designed to offer people an up-close and personal look of the area without having to exert too much physical work. These tours are great for couples, families, elderly couples, work outings, family reunions and so much more!

Just because these tours are more relaxed doesn’t mean they are anywhere near boring! You will still spend the day exploring various areas of the Black Hills, visiting famous landmarks, or even sipping on some local brews.

Check out our Tours

Badlands Package

Set out on a captivating journey through the American Midwest! Delve into the history of the Black Hills and explore the cowboy ghost town of Scenic. Wander through abandoned streets and visit old jail cells before immersing yourself in the breathtaking Badlands National Park. Marvel at the dramatic scenery, learn about geological forces, and continue to the iconic Wall Drug for a taste of Midwest charm. The final stop takes you to a decommissioned missile silo, housing the colossal Minuteman II missile—a poignant reminder of America's history. Depart with cherished memories, carrying the spirit of this mesmerizing region in your heart.  

Northern Hills Package

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Spearfish Canyon, nestled in the Black Hills, with towering limestone cliffs, lush forests, and crystal-clear streams. Traverse this breathtaking canyon for captivating vistas. Continue your adventure in Deadwood, a historic town shaped by the Gold Rush. Visit the Adam’s Museum to see artifacts and wander the storied streets where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane once roamed. Explore Mount Moriah Cemetery, the final resting place of these legendary figures, where gravestones tell tales of the colorful characters from Deadwood's past.

Black Hills Monument Package

Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime expedition as you venture into the heart of the Black Hills, where colossal granite monuments rise to celebrate American history and Native American heritage.  Begin at Mount Rushmore, marveling at the chiseled visages of four revered Presidents, symbols of national ideals. Continue to the monumental Crazy Horse Memorial, a work in progress honoring Native American legacy. Experience awe-inspiring carvings, explore a vast gift shop, and visit The Indian Museum of North America for the largest collection of artifacts. Cruise through Custer State Park on the infamous Wildlife Loop rd to get up close experiences with the abundant wildlife! This  day will be filled with awe and a deep appreciation for remarkable human achievements and the captivating animals of the region.

Buffalo Jeep Ride, Custer State Park and the Mammoth Site

Enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, exploring prehistoric treasures and gaining insight into colossal creatures. Then, journey through Custer State Park for a close encounter with majestic buffalo. Traverse scenic byways, witness awe-inspiring creatures, and appreciate the raw beauty of the American wilderness. Connect with nature's splendor, wildlife encounters, and archaeological finds for an unforgettable journey.


Black and White Landscape
Native American Cultural Tour

This will be a captivating exploration of Native American culture with a tour of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Immerse yourself in Ogalala Lakota traditions, gaining profound insights into tribal history, including the impactful Wounded Knee Massacre. Discover the significance of Thunder Valley, appreciate the vibrancy of Native art, and visit the empowering Red Cloud School. This journey seamlessly intertwines the past and present, capturing the timeless spirit of the Lakota people.

1880Train, Mt. Rushmore & Reptile Gardens

Hop aboard the 1880 Train for a nostalgic journey through South Dakota's Black Hills, featuring stunning views on a 20-mile round trip. Immerse yourself in Old West vibes, enjoy open-air cars, and learn about the region's rich history.  Visit Mount Rushmore to marvel at the colossal sculptures of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln—a breathtaking tribute to American history.  Explore the world of reptiles at Reptile Gardens, featuring thrilling live shows and diverse collections. With educational experiences and lush gardens, Reptile Gardens offers entertaining adventures for all ages. Together, the 1880 Train, Mount Rushmore, and Reptile Gardens create an unforgettable exploration of the Black Hills' beauty and cultural richness.

Wine and Brew Tour

3pm-10pm Spend the afternoon and evening sampling the best of the Black Hills craft beers, wine and cuisine. There is a chance we will catch some great local entertainment as well.  The day includes sampling at Prairie Berry Winery, Miner’s Brewery, The Firehouse Smoke Jumper Brewery and Winery and the Naked Winery and Sick and Twist Brewery. The Custer Beacon is our last stop.  There is a hip vibe with their permanent “Food Truck”, local craft beers, yard games and entertainment. 


Optional Rapid City vs Custer.  With this itinerary, the stops will include Hay Camp Brewery and Lost Cabin Brewery.  Dinner will be at one of the great food trucks that rotates through Lost Cabin.  Depending on the night, there are optional entertainment venues.

Vore Buffalo Jump, Devils Tower and Battle of the Little Bighorn

Traverse the tapestry of the Old West, spanning three states and two Native American Reservations. Explore the hallowed grounds of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, absorbing the historical ambiance. Spend a couple of hours absorbing the battlefield's significance before returning to Rapid City. Conclude the day with a dinner stop at the venerable Historic Virginian (dinner not included), adding a touch of culinary delight to this historical odyssey.

The Thoen Stone Tour

Step into a journey filled with history and intrigue, personally guided by Alan Maas, the author of "The Kind Whisper." Explore the enigmatic story of Ezra Kind's search for gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota, pondering whether it predates California's gold rush. Maas unveils the secrets of key locations like the actual stone, Deadwood, The Frawley Ranch, Spearfish, and more during this Northern Hills tour. With a complimentary copy of "The Kind Whisper" in hand, you can delve into the narrative before the tour, and have the added opportunity to get it signed by the author and tour guide, Alan Maas. Get ready for an experience that will leave you with lingering questions and a desire for more.

Your Personal Tour new photo.jpg
Your Personal Tour

You pick the attractions or sites you would like to see and we will custom package a tour specifically to meet your needs!

** Custom tours are available for one person or groups.  Prices are based on a two person minimum. All tours are private.


** Black Hills Adventure Tours is permitted by the National Forest Service to guide on National Forest Service land.


** Guides are CPR and First Aid Certified


** The Tax rate is 6%. 


** All Tours include bottled water, all admission fees, lunch (unless otherwise specified)  and light snacks.  Gratuities are not included in the price.

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