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Carrie Gerlach, founder and owner of Black Hills Adventure Tours has always had a love for nature. Carrie grew up in British Columbia, an area with topography similar to the Black Hills area. At 10 years old she and her family relocated to the Black Hills where they spent much of their time hiking, camping, fishing, and traveling all around the nation and the world.

After a certain age Carrie realized she didn’t want to work for anyone else again, and she wanted to do something for herself. Thus, Black Hills Adventure Tours was born. In 2005 Carrie took a leap of faith and has now been in the tour business for 19 years.

Her passion for meeting new people, outdoor activity and showing off the beautiful Black Hills has led to a successful business with nearly 20 employees!

Black Hills Adventure Tour wouldn’t be what it is without the hard work and dedication of all our tour guides. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and have a true love for nature and sharing it with others.

  • 2023 SD Great Face Designation

  • 2023 SD Great Places Designation

  • 2022 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award

  • 2022 Best of the BH for special Event Transportation award

  • 2023 SD CEO Women’s Enterprising Entrepreneur of the Year.


Carrie is beyond passionate about tourism and providing SD with her knowledge and that is why she is highly involved in many boards across our beautiful Black Hills.

  • Treasurer for Black Hills Badlands Board of Directors 2022/2023

  • Vice Chair for Black Hills Badlands 2023

  • Clarity of Place Steering Committee for Visit Rapid City

  • BANFF Film Fest sponsorship Committee 2021-2023

  • Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association- Oct 2014- Oct 2017 and Oct 2019 - Present

  • Rapid City Arts Council 2001-2003

  • SD CEO Advisory Board 2024

  • Museum Alliance Board 2023

  • Vice Chair for Black Hills Vacations 2023

  • George S. Mickelson Award 2023


meet our team


Denny Gienger

Denny Gienger has been a part of Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2019. As a tour guide Denny loves being able to share his interest and knowledge of the area with others. Denny has always been a history buff, and is especially fascinated with SD history. Having the ability to bring that history to life and create a memorable experience is why Denny loves his work. Denny’s favorite thing about working at Black Hills Adventure Tours is his fellow guides. Each of our guides truly loves what they do and works hard to give each and every guest the experience of a lifetime.  When Denny isn’t hanging out at Sylvan Lake or Roughlock Falls in the Black Hills you can find him spending his winters in sunny Arizona working on his golf game.


Christine Broghammer

Christine has been a tour guide with Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2018. Christine has always been a fan of walking and hiking and she loves getting to show people something they have never seen before. These passions are great for her role at Black Hills Adventure Tours where she says her favorite thing about it is being able to see something new through someone else’s eyes. Christine’s favorite tour was a Badlands tour she led with a family. She had a blast quizzing the children about what they had seen. In addition to getting to show people the beautiful Black Hills, Christine is grateful for the friends she has come to know through working at Black Hills Adventure Tours.


Tammy Field

Tammy Field has been a bus driver for Black Hills adventure Tours since 2018. Her favorite part about working at Black Hills Adventure Tours is working with her amazing boss Carrie and getting the opportunity to meet new people. Some of her favorite memories from working at Black Hills Adventure Tours are getting to see all the motorcycles in the area from all over the United States. In her free time, Tammy enjoys taking her Jeep for a ride in the hills and crocheting.


Kevin Dorsman

Kevin Dorsman is an adventure guide, a full time English teacher and a self-proclaimed “rad guy”. He has been a part of the Black Hills Adventure Tours team since 2016. He loves the job because he has the ability to share his passion of the Black Hills with visitors. As a lover of adventure, Kevin’s favorite tours are those with clients that are willing to step outside the box. In his free time Kevin is an artist, musician, rock climber and snowboarder. His favorite place in the Black Hills is deep in the Cathedral Spires. If you are looking for a fun, action-packed adventure, Kevin is your guy!


Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor has been a guide with Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2018. His favorite part of the job is getting to show new friends the beauty of the Black Hills and surrounding areas. One of the best tours he has ever led was a son taking his father on an adventure off the fathers bucket list. He loves getting the opportunity to meet new people and see how much fun they have enjoying our area. When Glen isn’t leading tours you can find him traveling in his RV, hiking, and cutting fire wood.


Julie Gienger

Julie Gienger has been a part of the Black Hills Adventure Tours family since 2005! Julie is the mother of Carrie Gerlach, owner and founder of Black Hills Adventure Tours. Julie got involved to help her daughter explore her new adventure but has stuck around because she loves seeing the smiles on the faces of guests while they enjoy the Black Hills. Julie loves working at Black Hills Adventure Tours because of the environment. She says all the staff loves getting together outside of work and they are one big happy family. Outside of work, Julie enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and making her friends and family taste test her creations.


Debbie Pack

Debbie Pack has lived in the Black Hills for over 30 years and is still learning something new every time she goes exploring! As an employee since 2020, Debbie loves meeting new people and gaining a new perspective on the place she calls home. She loves getting the chance to share the Black Hills, and their rich history, with others. One of Debbie’s favorite things about Black Hills Adventure Tours is working for Carrie. Debbie says, “She is so passionate about the work she does and the people she serves.” When Debbie isn’t working you can find her singing, gardening, or enjoying the view from the top of Black Elk Peak.


Kim Weyer

Kim Weyer has worked at Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2018, while also maintaining a job as a nurse. While nursing is her main job, she loves getting to play outside and share her passion for nature with others. As an advocate for our parks and wilderness, Kim loves working at Black Hills Adventure Tours because she gets to spend time with like minded people. Kim’s favorite memory at work is taking a group of travelers kayaking on Sylvan Lake. The travelers pushed out with a little fear and came back with a look of pure joy on their faces!


Annabelle Bowers


Annabelle Bowers has worked at Black Hills Adventure tours since 2021 and is the current marketing assistant. She became interested in this job because of her love of the Black Hills. Annabelle’s favorite memory from work is hiking to the top of Crazy Horse. When she isn’t at work you can find her exploring in the hills. Annabelle enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding at her favorite spot in the Black Hills, Jenny Gulch at Pactola reservoir.

black-hills-adventure-tours-guides_0011_Rose and Mark.jpg

Mark Barker


Mark’s has worked at Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2021. Mark loves helping folks enjoy the Black Hills and there is nothing he enjoys more than knowing his guests had a good time.  Mark says he is lucky to spend his days showing people around this slice of paradise and seeing their appreciation for it begin to take hold. In addition, Mark is a family man. Out of work, he loves to fish, hunt, and hike with family.


Michael Wickwire


Michael Wickwire has been at Black hills Adventure Tours since 2018. He is Carrie’s assistant. Starting out by helping Carrie with transportation, Michael then moved into a support role. “Carrie is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, and I wanted to help grow her business and support her.


Jamie McSherry


Jamie McSherry has been a guide at Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2021. He joined this team for the ability to make a living doing something he loved! His favorite part is showing families the beautiful area and helping them create memories for life.  Once Jamie had the honor of taking a married couple in their 80’s on a 5-mile hike for their 50th Anniversary. In his spare time you can catch Jamie hiking, camping, and on road trips.


Mickey Higgins


Mickey Higgins has been on the Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2019. She became interested in this job when she had the opportunity to be outdoors and share the area with visitors. She also enjoys the flexibility that allows her to work part-time. She says her boss Carrie is a jewel. She will work to provide you all the tools to ensure our visitors have the best time. Mickey’s favorite tour was with a group of young men using their phones to call birds, and actually succeeded at calling in a few!


Robby Chavira


Robby Chavira is a tour guide, our bike equipment manager, and a sorter of UPS. This job caught Robby’s eye because it involved his love of the outdoors. He looks forward to having customers that are seeking an unforgettable adventure and vacation. Robby has been a tour guide at Black Hills Adventure tours since 2008. Although Robby keeps his secret locations in the hills a secret you can often find time biking, fishing, hunting, trail running, mushroom hunting and more!


Austin Huether


Austin has been a part of the Black Hills Adventure Tours team since 2021. He loves being in the outdoors and the Black Hills have always had a piece of his heart growing up. So, when he found a job opportunity that would allow him to show visitors all of the things he loves about the area he knew he couldn't pass that up. His favorite part of the job is that every tour group is different, coming from all over the country to see and learn about the area. In his free time Austin enjoys rock climbing, yoga, slack lining, hiking, camping and basically anything related to being outdoors. Austin says one of his favorite places in the area is Sylvan Lake in Custer State park because all the beautiful sights and hikes in the area.


Rose Barker


Rose has been a tour guide at Black Hills Adventure tours since 2021. She was interested in the job because of the flexibility it offered and the ability to spend time doing outdoor activities. Her favorite part of the job is getting to meet interesting people and sharing in their vacation adventures. Of course, she also loves getting to show off the beautiful Black Hills.  One of rose’s favorite memories from work was a tour she led in the wildlife loop in Custer State Park. They came upon a group of buffalo cows that had recently given birth. They shut off the vehicle and had a wonderful time watching and listening to the calves play together.


Tim Soelzer


Tim has been a tour guide at Black Hills Adventure tours since 2022. Tim became interested in this job because he has always loved the history of the Black Hills. He is also an avid hiker and kayaker so this job gave him the ability to live out his passions. Tim says his favorite part of the job is the family atmosphere. All the guides truly care about each other which then translates into providing amazing tours. Tim says his favorite memory so far has been training for the job and getting to go out and explore nature.


Aura Plooster


Aura joined the Black Hills Adventure Tours team in February of 2023 with a passion for adventure and a deep desire to have a job that would keep me active and connected with the outdoors. It's been an incredible journey being part of this remarkable team. What she cherishes the most about working at Black Hills Adventure Tours is the opportunity to share the rich history and breathtaking geography of the Black Hills with our guests. There's a profound sense of satisfaction in introducing others to the beauty of this region. When she’s not guiding tours, you'll often find her immersed in outdoor activities like volleyball, swimming, hiking, and rock hunting, all of which keep her close to nature and energized. Additionally, she enjoys maintaining a side gig as a dog sitter and house sitter, providing a service to the local community. It's all about embracing life's adventures, both on and off the job.


Tracy Manning-Egge


In 2023, Tracy joined Black Hills Adventure Tours, seeking a reputable team and a great work atmosphere. What she loves the most about working at Black Hills Adventure Tours is the chance to meet and guide visitors, witnessing their excitement as they explore our state. Off duty, she enjoys motorcycle rides and tending to yard work. It's all about embracing the outdoors and the joy of sharing South Dakota's beauty with our guests.

Mike Foust.jpg

Mike Foust


Mike has been a tour guide with Black Hills Adventure Tours since 2023. His favorite part about working for Black Hills Adventure Tours is meeting people from everywhere and learning about their professions. Mike’s favorite memory from a tour is the time a customer praised him for everything except one thing—there was no goat. Lo and behold, soon enough, Mike looks over and says, "Well, here you go," and a goat is coming up the hill. Mike became a tour guide because he loves the work and meeting all the new people on the tours. As a long-time resident of the Black Hills, he is an asset with extensive knowledge of the area. In addition to meeting new people on the Black Hills tours, Mike’s favorite hobbies include both dirt biking and regular biking.

Alan Maas.jpg

Al Maas


Al moved to the Black Hills over 30 years ago and was taken in by the beauty and the history. Working and playing in the hills only expanded his quest to find answers about the land and the characters that roamed this area. Al followed his dream of writing a book about the area around and in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but also followed that up with a tour explaining the historical sites and the stories that go with it. The book, The Kind Whisper, is based on the Mystery of the Thoen Stone. Al’s guarantee- You will come away with an appreciation for history, a great time, a story of your own and a desire to come back for more! Al is mostly thankful for Carrie giving him this opportunity to take a break from being the Head Pimento Stuffer at the local olive factory!

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