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Women of Adventure

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and exploration has never been more enticing, thanks to Black Hills Adventure Tours' women's trips. Spearheaded by the knowledgeable and passionate Carrie Gerlach, these trips offer a unique blend of adventure, companionship, and the opportunity to discover hidden gems in breathtaking locations. In this blog, we dive into the heart of these life changing trips, celebrating the spirit of adventure and connection that defines Black Hills Adventure Tours.

Carrie's Journey:

Carrie, the visionary behind these journeys, developed her love for exploration at a young age. Guided by her adventurous spirit and fueled by a commitment to continuous learning, Carrie has crafted a platform that invites like-minded women to embrace their desire to travel in a safe and controlled environment. Drawing on her extensive travel experiences with her parents, Carrie's passion transformed into the creation of Black Hills Adventure Tours.

Destinations Beyond Boundaries:

Black Hills Adventure Tours has curated a series of Women's Trips that exceed the ordinary, taking participants to beautiful destinations. Past trips have ventured to the charming streets of Savannah, Georgia, the remarkable landscapes of Zion National Park in Utah and the paradise of Costa Rica. The adventure doesn’t stop there – Coming in 2025, the next adventure takes the women of adventure to Vietnam!

Local Insights and Seamless Experiences:

What sets Black Hills Adventure Tours apart is Carrie's dedication to meticulous research and a genuine connection with local communities. Prior to each tour, Carrie travels to the destination herself, seeking hidden gems and insights from the locals. This commitment to understanding the culture and landscape ensures that every trip is not just an adventure but a cultural experience.

During these research trips, Carrie collaborates with the locals, developing partnerships that enhance the overall experience for her guests. The result is a seamless blend of adventure and comfort, allowing participants to savor every moment without the stress of planning. These trips are fittingly categorized as "soft adventures," making them accessible to the average woman. While there may be hikes and thrilling activities, one doesn’t need to be a marathon runner to enjoy the journey.

Empowering Women in Every Step:

The Women's Trips by Black Hills Adventure Tours go beyond the thrill of exploration—they empower women to embrace their adventurous spirits and connect with like-minded souls. By nurturing a supportive community of female travelers, these trips create lasting memories, friendships, and a sense of empowerment that extends far beyond the tour's end.

Black Hills Adventure Tours' Women's Trips, led by Carrie, embody the essence of adventure, connection, and empowerment. From carefully selected destinations to meaningful interactions with local communities, these trips redefine the travel experience for women. As the next all-women's expedition sets its sights on Vietnam, the promise of discovery, culture, and adventure awaits. Join Black Hills Adventure Tours on a journey that exceeds boundaries and inspires a lifelong love for exploration.

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